WebGL Build Launches

Just a very small quick update! 

We managed to get a WebGL build going while we figure out the details behind getting our Mac build process going. Unfortunately none of us own an Apple computer and using our Windows computers to generate the Mac build was causing issues when we tried to run it on a Mac.

In the mean time, anyone using a Mac can now at least play the game directly on the website. We have tested it in the latest version of the most popular browsers. If anyone finds any issues in a particular version, please let us know in the comments section below.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to download and play the Windows build. Please feel free to share with your friends since it is now easier to access!

Like we said in our initial post, the hope is that over the next few weeks we can get some smaller updates out to fix a few issues and just overall clean up the game play a bit! So stay tuned for that!

Remember, avoid speaking moistly and stay the blazes home!


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43 days ago

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